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DBA Thesis Consultation Service

Rehoboth Academic Services offers you DBA consulting services, from topic selection to final thesis writing. Are you just in the initial stages of DBA course and you are baffled at choosing the topic. In consultation with you, we will analyse your strengths in your field and suggest topics. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. We can start from where others have stopped. Your research will be current and relevant.

Our expertise lies in providing support for all the chapters of the thesis. Review of Literature always takes a lot of time, as you need to be focused on collecting information from the literature. When you do not have the time to write, we can critically analyse the literature and present a Review of Literature. Although we do not collect data for anyone, we have the expertise in analysing the data using SPSS v21 or Minitab 17 and present them in the form of figures and tables. We can also interpret the results and present them as a chapter.

We present our work clearly, logically, cohesively and concisely that will bear the mark of a professional.

Some of our services are enumerated below:

·         Topic Selection

·         Research Proposal Service

·         Research Methodology

·         Data Analysis using SPSS, AMOS and Minitab

·         Drafting of chapters

·         Editing/Proofreading

·         Questionnaire Preparation

You are the main part of our consulting services, as we cannot do anything without your guidance. We discuss with you about your research work and develop your work.


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