PhD Statistical Analysis for Thesis, projects & Reports

Most of the types of data collected for research require statistical analysis. Not all are experts in statistically analysing the data. You can count on us to analyse the data. At Rehoboth, our statistical consultants strive to present you with accurate results through our data analysis services. You can tell us to use specific statistical tools to use to arrive at the outcome. If you are not sure of which statistical tools to be used, we will select the appropriate tools. However, it should be borne in mind that we do not modify the data to get the desired outcome.

We can also interpret the results and write it as a chapter if required.

After we submit the report, we also ensure that you understand the analytic techniques used for obtaining the results.

Statistical tools that we use

·         Descriptive statistics

·         Chi-square test

·         Student t-test

·         ANOVA

·         Correlation

·         Regression

·         Multivariate test (MANOVA, MANCOVA)

·         Validity Test (Factor analysis)

·         Reliability Test (Cronbach’s alpha)

·         Friedman Rank test

·         Structure Equation Modelling (SEM), etc.


·         Analysed data presented in the form of tables and figures.

·         Interpretation written in the form of a chapter with relevant and adequate references (optional).

·         Revision based on your inputs (up to 1 month).

What does Rehoboth need from you?

·         Objectives, hypothesis and purpose of the research.

·         Data collected.

·         Research instruments used in the research.    

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