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Selecting the right topic for your research is the most difficult task as it needs to be unique and relevant to your research interest. Most PhD scholars due to the lack of proper guidance, choose an inappropriate topic for their research and dissertation. It is highly recommended to choose a research advisor who can guide you throughout your PhD program. It is important for you to have a serious research report. Your aim should be to work on ideas that remain unexplored in the same field.

 Our PhD research advisor will assist you in selecting the topic. We helped several students in their PhD topic selection on different subjects. We have extremely knowledgeable researchers who understand the importance of topic selection. We will choose for you a topic that matches your interests as well as the subject that you are pursuing, and will keep you motivated and your research interest intact.

At Rehoboth Academic Services, based on your area of research interest, we will provide you with four topics for your PhD along with dependent and independent variables for conducting the research. After you select the topic we will give you a 150-word description of the topic to help you develop the proposal. You can either take our help for developing the proposal or write on your own.


·         Three original topics related to your area of research interest.

·         150 words description on the selected topic.

·         Help in developing a research problem on the selected topic.


·         Topics will be current and relevant to your research area.

·         Topics will be selected such that it will be completed within a stipulated period.

·         Appropriate references that support the topic will be provided.

·         7 days of turnaround time.

What does Rehoboth need from you?  

·         Your area of research interest.

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